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by Anthony Bishop

read it and weep
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full name: Anthony Joseph bishop
Age: 21
sex: Male
dob: 14/11/1985
pob: Buckinghamshire, london
grew up Denham, Bucks
family: parents-mother and stepdad (Debbey & partic) brother (Nick) and nan (Iris)
college: Uxbridge college, art and designe foundation BTEC level 1
high school: jhon penrose hairfield
height: 5'8
weight: ask me after christmas ;)
eyes: grey
hair: dirty blonde almost brown
clothing: i dont follow any style or trend, i wear what i like and only what i like.
employment: unemployed right now... im a webcomic artist by trade but it dont mean i get paid
car: ha! i dont even know how to drive yet!
relationships: single and looking though i have one or two in mind
sign: scorpio

if you want to know anything else just read the comic and all shall be reviealed in time :)
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